WCS Summer 2019
WCS Summer 2019
WCS Spring 2019
Ultimate Series 2018 Season 2 - Global Playoff
Ultimate Series 2018 Season 2 - NA
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WCS Summer 2019
StarCraft II Author: Alex Trushlyakov

WCS Summer Players List and Talents Lineup

The time for Kyiv to open its doors to the second WCS event this year is coming closer, and today we are ready to announce the first players list as well as talent lineup for WCS Summer.


WCS Summer will distribute USD $100,000, 12,600 WCS points and direct seeding to the 2019 WCS Global Finals amongst its best players and the champion, so let’s see who is going to fight for their share. Here is the list of the 64 Open Bracket players who are now able to arrange their travel to Kyiv:

                    HeroMarine   Snute
    ShoWTimE   Nice
    PtitDrogo   BluE
    Cham   SouLeer
    goblin   Sakura
    Astrea   ArT
    Harstem   Rodzyn
    uThermal   HolyHit
    Clem   hinO
    DnS   Mixu
    HellraiseR   Fuzer
    LiquidTLO   Lillekanin
    Bly   Spazymazy
    MaNa   PappiJoe
    Namshar   RazerBlader
    RiSky   PengWin
    Strange   Wanderer
    Erik   Creed
    Gungfubanda   Bee
    Gerald   Vanya
    Kas   Arctur
    SKillous   MODEUS
    SortOf   Nerazim
    Zanster   EnigmA
    HateMe   ZipperTheFly
    souL   BuRning
    Nerchio   Lisandro
    BratOK   Awers
    Denver   Minatoeh
    ShaDoWn   GhostHell
    Ziggy   SaLemandr
    SpaceMarine   Quantel


You can also find the list of WCS Challenger winners below:

    Serral   Neeb
    Reynor   SpeCial
    TIME   Elazer
    Scarlett   MaSa
    Lambo   Probe
    Kelazhur   Has
    ButAlways   Future
    iAsonu   Lemon

Please note that the final player list will be released closer to the tournament.


Stage host: Sue ‘Smix‘ Lee
Desk host: James A. ‘Kaelaris‘ Carrol
Commentator: Kevin ‘Rotterdam‘ van der Koi
Commentator: Leigh "Maynarde" Mandalov
Commentator: Yoan "ToD" Merlo
Commentator: Benjamin "DeMusliM" Baker
Commentator: Ravi ‘feardragon‘ Pareek

Tournament format

Our knockout bracket system worked well and we received good feedback from the participants at WCS Spring, so we are going to use the same tournament format for WCS Summer. If you are not familiar with an updated 2019 WCS Circuit format, check out the WCS Summer Ruleset and our format video overview:

Make sure to follow the official WCS website and @esportStarcraft on Twitter for more updates, and we’ll see you July 12-14 for WCS Summer!