WCS Summer 2019
WCS Summer 2019
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WCS Summer 2019
StarCraft II Author: Alex Trushlyakov

WCS Summer: Players and casters signups open

After the first ever WCS Circuit event in Kiev with Serral being crowned as the five-time Champion, our eyes are already on the next stop! The same format and location - but maybe an even stronger lineup of the tournament participants and community casters? It is up to you to act: signups for both players and community casters are already open!

If you want to take part in WCS Summer as an Open Bracket player, please fill the signup form via this link. Sixty-four players among those who signed up will take part in the competition starting from the group stage 1, while sixteen WCS Challenger winners are going to begin their WCS Summer journey in Ukraine from the group stage 3. The format of this tournament remains the same: three consecutive group stages, the knockout bracket and the playoff are going to determine our next WCS Circuit Champion.


Community casters are also more than welcome to join our WCS Summer coverage after filling the corresponding signup form.

If there are any questions left regarding the players and casters signup process, please do not hesitate to reach out at: [email protected]