Ultimate Series 2018 Season 2 - NA
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Ultimate Series 2018 Season 2 - NA
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Ultimate Series 2018 Season 2 - NA

Last Edit: September 26th, 2018


  • A. Ultimate Series consists of three regions: Europe (RU), Europe (EN) and North America. Four invited players and four winners of according regional Amateur Series participate in each regional Ultimate Series group stage;

  • B. In order to participate in the tournament, all players have to create an account on sc2.starladder.com website, connect their Battle.net account to it and confirm their participation before the competition starts;

  • С. By joining the tournament, players agree with the rules and undertake to comply with them during the competition;

  • D. Every Ultimate Series participant must provide organizers with the following data for the tournament broadcast: full name, date of birth, nationality and photo in a high enough resolution;

  • E. EU server is the main server for RU and EU region matches, NA server is the main server for NA region matches. In particular cases, the referees have a right to change the game server for certain matches;

  • F. The tournament prize pool equals $8000 and is split according to the information provided on the tournament website. Prizes will be paid in a 60-days period after the players provide tournament organizers with correct payment data.



  • A. All Ultimate Series matches are held on the current ladder map pool. Each player has a right to make one map veto before every round of the tournament, except finals;

  • B. Regional Ultimate Series group stages are held in Swiss Triple Elimination format with seedings and nominations before the each round. All matches except final are Best of 5, final is Best of 7. Map order for each match is automatically determined by the tournament system on sc2.starladder.com website;

  • С. Seeding for the first round is determined by: а) results of the previous Ultimate Series season or invites order - for invited players; b) Amateur Series results - for Amateur Series winners; c) ladder MMR - when players are even by a or b criteria. Invited player with #1 seed plays against Amateur Series winner with #4 seed; all other matchups in this and next rounds are seeded accordingly;

  • D. Seeding for the next rounds is determined by a) players' tournament results (match-loss ratio and maps difference); b) players' round 1 seeding and players' ladder MMR if current tournament results are the same for two or more players;

  • E. Four winners of each regional division proceed to playoffs. Two winners of Europe (EN) and one winner from both Europe (RU) and North America regional divisions advance to Round of 8, others advance to Round of 12;

  • F. A player wins a game after their opponent types "gg" or has all of their buildings destroyed.</p>

  • G. Games may end in a draw without automatic stalemate detection if:

    • Both players agree to a draw OR

    • There is a stalemate in game which should be confirmed by the referee OR

    • There is no possibility to kill opponent’s buildings for each player.

  • H. A game ended in a draw by automatic ingame stalemate detection may be either ended as a draw or as a win for any player by referee’s decision.

  • I. A game ended in a draw by referee’s decision or by players' agreement will be replayed on the same map.



  • A. Game version: the up-to-date version of StarCraft II.

  • B. Format, settings and game speed: “Melee”, 1x1; “No build order” optionally. Option “No match history” is forbidden.

  • С. Players must turn off all non-default skins for units and buildings.

  • D. Players must disable any notifications and set in-game status to «busy» while playing in a tournament.

  • E. Players must turn off “Only allow friends to send me messages” option;

  • F. Players must turn off “Only allow friends to send me invites” option;

  • G. Players must join the in-game tournament chat channel SLUltimate on the server set by the referee;

  • H. Players must keep replays of all their games while participating in the tournament.



  • A. The usage of obscene language, provocation, insults and showing disrespect towards any other player, a referee, or viewers is forbidden.

  • B. The presence of unauthorized observers in the game is prohibited. Only players, referees and observers approved by organizers can join the game.

  • C. Each player can ask for a pause during the game. The maximum waiting time for an opponent cannot exceed fifteen minutes in each match.

  • D. The use of any third-party software that violates Blizzard End User License Agreement, including keyboard or mouse macros, is forbidden.

  • E. Players can only use their own accounts to play in the tournament. Using other people’s accounts is prohibited as well as hiding the real skill level and using fake accounts in order to access the earlier stages of the tournament.

  • F. Players may not bet on any games of the tournament.

  • G. Players may not engage in any kind of match fixing actions, and must immediately report any match fixing offers they receive to tournament organizers.

  • H. Players’ nicknames on the tournament website, in Battle.net and in the game client should not violate BattleTag Naming Policy.



  • ​A. If players are absent from the game channel 15 minutes after the scheduled match start, they may get a technical loss.

  • B. If all the players are disconnected from the server, the organizers can rearrange the match.

  • C. If one player is disconnected from the game for no apparent reason, the other player may be declared the winner.

  • D. If one player was disconnected from the game due to technical issues but managed to solve them in the waiting time (see paragraph 4c), the game should be restored via replay recovery function from the moment of disconnection.

  • E. Players are prohibited from opening and/or watching any replays without permission from the referee if the game ended after a disconnection .

  • F. If players violate any of the tournament rules, they can get a warning, a technical loss on a certain map or in the whole match, or be disqualified.



  • A. StarLadder reserves the right to change these rules at any time of the tournament with a notification on the tournament website.

  • B. StarLadder reserves the right to suspend the participation of any player in the tournament in exceptional cases.

  • C. In extraordinary situations tournament organizers and referees may make decisions that are in conflict with the rules.

  • D. Organizers and referees can make decisions on their own in cases which are not covered by the rules.