Amateur Series 2018 Season 2 - NA
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Ultimate Series 2018 Season 2 - NA
Amateur Series 2018 Season 2 - NA
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Amateur Series 2018 Season 2 - NA
StarCraft II Author: Владислав Перчик

Master League on the Amateur Series on September 1 and 2

This weekend players of the Master League will join the second season of 2018 StarLadder Amateur Series. It’s high time for us to remind the participants what they’re to do in order to take part in the competition: the check-in procedure, the game chat channels, reporting results and so on.

This weekend players from the Master League League in StarCraft 2 ranking will enter the Amateur Series 2018 Season 2. The league will be divided into two parts, where winners of Saturday's group stage will be moving to the 2nd group stage on Sunday.

Saturday, September 1:


Sunday, September 2:


In order to participate in the tournament players not only have to sign up for participation (Diamond League winners will be signed up by referees), but they also have to confirm the participation on the day of the tournament. Check-in (which is the procedure of confirmation) will begin three hours and will end 30 minutes before the tournament start time. You can check in by using the links form the list above.

Registration will be open till check-in ends. In order to register you have to add your game account, which is in the Master League in StarCraft II, to your website profile. Please notice that if you make it to the next stage of the tournament you will have to play the same race. You can participate in the tournament even if you league will change after the registration.

You can learn more about the signing up procedure in the Step by Step Guide of a Participant, as well as in the “Support” tab that you can find on a page of every tournament.


The groups will be posted on the site 10-15 minutes before the tournament starts. You will be able to learn about what group you are in on the tournament page (see the list above, your group will be displayed first in the list), as well as in your profile on the Amateur Series web-site. Groups are played in GSL format: winning two matches means moving on, while losing two matches means you are out. Every match is played until two wins. Maps for matches are defined automatically by our system and you will be able to find them on your match page.

In-game chat channels

In order to find your opponents you have to know the game chat channel of your group. It’s made according to the following pattern: [Your region]_master_[your group number] (type with no brackets). In order to join the channel you’re to type the /join command and the channel name into the chat message field.

For example:

  • /join EU_master_99 (if your group number is 99) or
  • /join NA_master_98 (if your group number is 98).

If you don’t know what to do or can’t find a referee – you can join any of the general support channels:

  • RU_master_help
  • EU_master_help
  • NA_master_help


Match results

After you finish a match you are to report the results of it to the referee of your match. If you can’t get in touch with your match referee – you are free to report the results to any of the Amateur Series referees. You can find the name of your match referee on your match page and you can find the list of all the Amateur Series referees on the tournament page (to the right side of the page). Referees will be in the game chat channels and in the general support channels as well.

If your match started 15 minutes ago and your opponent is still missing – you are to report to your referee. They will decide on the course of actions: waiting for your opponent, giving you a walkover, replacing your opponent with another player or other options.



Community broadcasts:


Different broadcasts will feature different matches, so find what it up to your taste.

We wish you some exciting viewer’s experience and great games!