Amateur Series 2018 Season 2 - NA
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Ultimate Series 2018 Season 2 - NA
Amateur Series 2018 Season 2 - NA
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How to register to the Amateur Series

Here are few simple steps to register in the Amateur Series.

1. Registration. Press 'Sign In' in the upper right corner of the website and pass the registration process.

ATTENTION: Registration or loging in via Facebook is not possible anymore. If you have an old account created with Facebook — contact us via email starcraft(at)

If you already have on account on other StarLadder websites (including WESG website), it is strongly recommended to use the old account instead of making a new one. If you want to change nickname — contact us, we can do it to the old account too.

StarCraft II Amateur Series

2. Activation of the game. Go to the tournament page and press the 'Activate' button in the registration block to connect your account with your StarLadder account. You can also do it in the section 'My Games' of your profile.

If you didn't take part in the StarLadder tournaments before, the system will request a regions in which you want to connect your gaming profile with your StarLadder profile. This means that the system will check your league on that server and you will be allowed to register to the tournaments in that region only.

If you haven't registred to a tournament and haven't played a single match yet, you can change your region once. To do it, press 'Edit BattleTag' in the section 'My Games' of your profile:

If you made a mistake with a region and can't change it anymore — please contact admins via email [email protected], send a link to your profile and name the right region. The same can be done for the old account which may be possibly connected to the wrong region.

When you chosen the right region, press 'Activate by'.

StarCraft II Amateur Series

To activate the game, you will be forwarded to the page — there you have to grand access to the information of you account (game name, BattleTag, and StarCraft II profile data). Remember to mark 'Allow' — otherwise our system won't be able to get your league information and won't let you register to the tournament!

StarCraft II Amateur Series

3. Joining the tournament. When you game activation is done, 'Join Tournament' button will become active. Press it.

StarCraft II Amateur Series

Then you have to pick the race. You have to be qualified to the proper league with this particular race to be able to join the tournament. If not, the race will be marked as 'Not Available'.

As far as you picked the race which fits the tournament, press 'Join Tournament'. After that your participation is confirmed and you will only need to check-in in the morning before the tournament. Don't forget to do it, or you will not play!

I connected my account, but the system doesn't see my league

That's why this is happening (and what you can do to fix it):

1. You have not qualified to any league in the current ladder season on the server which match the region you chosen

We have a leagues limitations at the Amateur Series, so your website requests this info from the StarCraft II ranking system, and it asks the server on the region which you chosen. If you have not qualifier to any league yet (or you have qualified, but on another server), you will see this window and won't be able to register in the tournament:

To fix that, just play the placement matches, so the StarCraft II ranking system will place you to the league. After that you will be able to register in the Amateur Series. Our system updates this info daily.

2. You have qualified to the league, but still can't see it

This means that our system doesn't have an access to your StarCraft II gaming profile. To fix it, please remove StarLadder com from the authorization list down this link:

Then go back to StarLadder website and press 'Edit BattleTag' in the 'My Games' section of your profile. Make sure to mark 'Allow' in the window which will pop up after that.

I still have questions, whom can I ask?

If you still have troubles with registration on the website or in the tournament, connect us via email at starcraft(at) 

If you have troubles with participation in the tournament, please contact the referees which will be online in the StarCraft II in-game chats during matches. You can find their contacts in the info block on the right on the tournament page:

StarCraft II Amateur Series Referees

Please provide all details to discribe your problem and don't forget to mention your account on the StarLadder website — for example, send us the link link like this.