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WESG Ukraine 2018-2019 StarCraft II
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WESG Ukraine 2018-2019 StarCraft II
StarCraft II Author: s.perun

Bly: Rising and going forward is very difficult

Alexander "Bly" Svysiuk, the winner of the WESG 2018-2019 Ukraine Qualifiers in an interview shared his plans for the Grand Final and the feature of the trainings.


Fellows. The winner of the Ukrainian national final for StarCraft II is Bly. Sasha, my congratulations to you. For the third year in a row, you will represent our country at WESG. Aren’t you tired?


So this is nice for you?

Just come to taste and can’t stop. Therefore, I come every time, I take qualifications trophy. Eezy peezy, no other options! Almost. And I go.

If you look at the score, it turns out that your main rival was DIMAGA.

* laughs *

Because he was 3:2. In general, if we consider that the first map was “thin”, it could be in theory 0:3. How so, why?

I like the way you said DIMA-A-AGA. Because he plays peculiarly and blindly adapts to my builds. I tried to play save, and he blindly adapts. And it was difficult, of course. Especially in ZvZ. He plays well, generally. I didn’t expect from him such a good game and counter-game, so it was difficult in the first games. But then, as you can see, I got ready and in the last game blindly countered the fact that he blindly countered me. In fact, ZvZ is about it. And DIMAGA playing at a high level.

Why I mentioned DIMAGA, because DIMAGA actually came here to comment games. And he did not prepare for this tournament. While for Kas and HellraiseR, your main rivals, it was quite an important tournament, for which they prepared at least in terms of improving game form. What do you think what helped you to cope with them? Is it just a class or are there any other things?

As I said earlier, I basically improve my level of play. In general. And I think it turned out that I am just a little bit better than the rest in terms of the level of the game. And due to this, I won the long-running macro-games in which I tried to get out of the gap while playing save.

It's great. Good that your level is growing. And this is exactly what my next question is about. If you look at your performances at WESG, you have some kind of strange love for places from 9 to 12. These are places that share. If you recall WESG, which took place in Kiev a couple of years ago, the European stage - you got 9-12. We can recall the next European WESG, there was 9-12 again. In the end, in China at the end of the second group stage, you did not manage to advance the playoffs and took 9-12 place. Here, at Ukrainian Qualifiers, there was no 9-12 place, so everything was fine. Will you be able to overcome this threshold, given that your game level has grown? Аlready in the world finals?

I think it depends on my training, but in general, it depends more on whether I can get focused at the finals themselves. Because the nerves out there are just incredible. And to represent Ukraine, this is already worth something. A lot. And besides that, there are prizes, of course, wow. And I want to perform well, I want to prove to everyone that I can do it. Again, again! So I will try. I will try. Not 9-12, but 2!

Just like that! I thought, now you gonna say 5-8, top 4. Two! Aimed at the second place!

Well, I already have experience in the second place, you know. What has repeated. But I failed to take the first places.

Let's talk about your main rivals. It is considered in the esports community to think like “well, Koreans! There will be 3 Koreans, here are the Koreans on the top 3". Let's discuss this. Who is the scariest rival? Serral, Koreans, Neeb, someone else? Who are you afraid of if we talk about the world finals?

Honestly? This is not Serral, not Koreans. This is ShoWTimE. I just hate to play with this player. And even when we train, it's just mercilessly ... I, of course, try to take the information out of these games and do not make the same mistakes, but he still finds cons in my defense, and his defense all the time just perfect. So when someone wins him, I’m like: “How? How did this happen?”. Basically, I can beat Serral somehow on the random things. With the Koreans... Maru - no chance. Maru just ... me most likely.

Well, look, Sasha, it turns out already the top-3. Maru, ShoWTimE ...

ShoWTimE will not pass.

So the main thing is not to get on him in seeding?

By the way, I had ... But no, I didn’t get him last time, I was lucky.

There were Zergs all around.

Yes Yes.

It's great that you already imagine the list of participants, favorites and unpleasant rivals. The next question is: how to prepare for all this? What will be your preparation for WESG? Will it be the same ladder, all the same custom games? Or is there any specific training mode that is launched when moving to the World Cup?

I think that most likely it will be just ladder. And, perhaps, I will be able before the World Cup, if it does not intersect with other tournaments, go to Korea for a month. And already from Korea will go to the World Cup. If I can do that. Last time after a month in Korea, my gaming level grew very much. I have been training for a week, and I played a lot - like 14 hours per day, probably, I understood a lot of nuances. While playing on the Korean ladder you always find holes in your defense. If you play with a skilled opponent, he always finds a way to punish you for mistakes. And having played with such opponents, you start to patch them step by step, like you making an upgrade to armor, like Terrans. And everything's good.

You continue to work on yourself, looking for weaknesses in your game, once again you become the champion of Ukraine. What keeps you motivated for constant self-improvement?

This is the most difficult part of the work of a pro-gamer, most likely. Because motivation is a thing that is constantly falling and ...

Like your intonation right now?

Rising and going forward is very difficult. For example, 3 weeks ago I had a hard lose streak on ladder, I lost a few tournaments. And I swore like: “StarCraft II is ... Protoss are imba, Terran are imba. How its possible to play with such a balance?!”. Two days, I overcame myself, I was able to get together and scored four hundred MMR on all my accounts at once. It is difficult, it is morally difficult. Maybe I am such a person, it is possible to get together. Get your will into a fist and do what you have to.

So these are internal reserves, and not some external factors that allow you to keep motivation?

Yes, these are internal reserves, internal self-control, I would say. Self-suggestion.

It's good. We heard about your plans for the next year briefly, we heard that you would like to fly to Korea to prepare for the World Cup. We know your goal - the top 2 in the World Cup. What are your other goals, possibly related to specific teams, specific tournaments? What would you like to achieve next year, what have you not achieved in your career?

I had never won a big event like Dreamhack or ECS. I would like to win. I would really want to win such an event. I finished two times in the top 2, and the second time ... I’m not talking about balance, overcharge for 25 mana ... Now I would like to achieve this. When you coming out, take a trophy, lift it over your head, understand that you won the world tournament. Besides Korean, I don’t pretend to that anymore, it will be much more complicated. Raising a trophy is worth a lot.

This is a wonderful goal, Bly. We wish you to achieve this goal next year. Maybe at WESG, maybe at another major tournament. This is a worthy goal to which you will have to go. Self-suggestion, self-sacrifice, everything that Bly has, as well as skills in StarCraft II. We will believe, we will cheer. Thank you for your performance at WESG, once again we congratulate you on your victory and of course, we wish you good luck in all the competitions in which you will take part in the future.

Thank you very much.