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Ultimate Series 2018 Season 2 - RU
Amateur Series 2018 Season 2 - RU
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Amateur Series 2018 Season 2 - RU
StarCraft II Author: Владислав Перчик

Amateur Series: Step-by-step Guide of a Participant

Europe and North America joined the Amateur Series, and players from those regions might be curious and have much question regarding the league. In this article we will explan how the tournament will go through and what participants will have to do. Here you can find out: which exact tournament you should register in, how you can check in, how you can choice which day to play on, how you can find out the exact time of your matches, how you can find your opponent in the game, where you should report your results, and what you should do if your opponent is missing.

How to register in the Amateur Series

There is a separate guide describing this. You can find it on the 'Support' tab on a page of each tournament:

But which tournament should I even choice

The guide mentioned above answeres this too, but we can repeat promptly: you should choice your region in the header of the website (CIS, Europe, or North America), then find a tournament which fits your current league in the StarCraft II ranking, and pick a date which you want to play on. There will be two tournaments for each league, Day 1 and Day 2 — you can pick any of them (but not both).

How to find out when I should play

On a page of each tournament there are date and time when this tournament starts (see on the screenshot above, bottom right corner). However, it doesn't mean that you will have to play that exact time, because each day will content of a few playing sessions.

We will make seedings one day before start of each league, when check-in will be closed. After that you will be able to see who your opponent will be and when you will have to play in your profile on this website. You can also view all groups on the page of your league (the group which contents you will be shown 1st in the list). Please note that all matches of each group will be played during one session and matches cannot be postponed.

If your plans changed and you can't play on the day which you registred in — you can just leave the tournament and register in another one which fits you better. You can find the 'Leave tournament' button on the page of the tournament on the right side — at the exact same place where previously was 'Join the tournament':

Please remember that you have to check in — otherwise you will not be accepted to the tournament!

How to check in

You can check in by pressing 'Confirm' on the page of the tournament — at the exact same place when previously was 'Join the tournament'. By doing this you confirm that you remember of the tournament and will be able to play (because your plans could have changed since the registration). Please note that you are allowed to play in the tournament you have registred in, even if your league in the StarCraft II ranking have changed since then.

During check-in you can also veto two maps from the list, which means that you definately won't play those. The system will pick three from the remaining maps (considering vetoes of your opponent) and decide the order by random. To find out maps for the match please view the details of the match.

You may skip the vetoes if you want (then just don't veto anything), but not check-in! You have to do it to play in the tournament. When check-in is done, veto can't be changed anymore. If you have checked in successfully, a green tick will appear next to your nickname in the participants' list, and also the block on the right will state it:

How to find your opponent in the game

All participants of StarCraft II Amateur Series should join the special chat channels in StarCraft II. The name of the chat channel depends on a group number which you have been seeded in.

Template: [your region]_[your league]_[your group number] (without square brackets)

To join the chat channel, please open the chat window and type /join and then channel name.

Ex: /join eu_gold_99 (if you play in the Gold league and have been seeded into group #99)

Players of Bronze and Silver leagues will have the same tournament, so the channel for them will be silver (ex: na_silver_99).

Battletag of your opponent will also appear in you profile on this webside when the groups will be published:

Using Battletag you can add your opponents to your friends list. To do so, please open your friends list in StarCraft II, press 'Add Friend', enter their Battletag and press 'Send Request'. When your request will be approved, you will see them in your friends list. Then you can start conversation and invite them to games.

Adding your opponent to your friends list might be helpful if he is missing in the chat channel. Probably he doesn't know which channel to join or forgot that it's time to play in the tournament.

If your opponents are present in the chat channel, you don't have to add them to the friends list — you can just invite them to games from the channel. Please remember that, according the Amateur Series Rules, participants must disable 'Let only friends message me' and 'Let only friends send me invites' options. You can disable them in 'Options' — 'Social'.

Who must create a lobby and how to start the game

You don't have to wait for a confirmation from a referee to start the game — as far as you found your opponent, you can start. Players have to create lobby by themselves — just decide with your opponent, who will do it,

To create lobby, please choice 'Custom' — 'Melee' and make a 'Ladder Maps' filter. So you will see all the official ladder maps we are using at the Amateur Series.

Choice the map from the list and press 'Create Lobby', then find your opponent in the chat channel or in the friends list, make a right-click at him and choice 'Invite to Game'. When he will join the game and you both will be ready, press 'Start Game'. Please note that due to the technical issues sometimes you or your opponent might not be able to join the game on a first try — if you will face it, just try inviting again until it will work.

What to do if your opponent is missing

If your opponent is missing in the chat channel of your group and not accepting your request — contact your referee. To find out who is the referee for you match — open the match details on this website. You can do it from your profile.

Referees can't stay in chat channels of all groups (because StarCraft II limits a number of channels where a player can be in at the same time), but you can add them to your friends list or reach them in the general support channel of your league: am_[your league] (without square brackets)

For example, to enter the general support channel of the Bronze and Silver League, enter /join am_silver

The missing player might get a technical defeat after 15 minutes from the match start. However, it is up to a referee and he can extend this time. Please remember that our goal is not just make a formal tournament but deliver a real competitive experience to the most possible number of players. So please help other players and treat with understanding to newcomers who may not pick up the system so fast.

Where to report results

You should report your results to the referee of your match in the in-game chat. If you referee is missing online due to some reason, you can report to any other referee. You can view the list of all referees on the page of your tournament (where you registred and checked in).

You don't have to enter results manually — only referees can (and will) do it.

I still don't know when and against whom I must play. What should I do?

If somethings goes wrong (or you just don't know or not sure, what you should do next and against whom you should play) — just ask the referee of your match. If you don't know who your referee is or can't reach him — ask any referee. And you can always reach us at [email protected]

Don't worry and don't hesitate to ask. Our job is to assist you at the Amateur Series.

If you still have questions — ask via email mentioned above or reach us in Facebook.